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who we are

loop legal is a boutique entertainment law firm.

we believe in bold advocacy infused with empathy.

we work with talent to maximize their results,
without sacrificing their integrity.

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Our missioN 

Our staff is trained and certified in Mental Health First Aid. We believe that effective advocacy requires an awareness of and empathy for the mental health challenges our clients may encounter.

To foster a sustainable ecosystem within the entertainment economy and reclaim the Creative's the head of the table.​

Regenerative representation is both our unique value proposition and our call to action for the industry at large. 

loop lounge

The loop lounge provides 24/7 access to our deal docket™, a proprietary, real-time status tracker we developed to address the nuances of entertainment transactions.


The lounge also streamlines new client onboarding, invoicing, document requests, and signature collection.

A portal designed specifically for our clientele.



Experience the convenience of modern lawyering.

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(310) 400-0411

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